Selected future conferences and conference series

European Graphene Forum, 26th-28th APril 2017, Paris.

International Conference on Graphene and Semiconductors, 17th-18th July 2017, Chicago

Carbonhagen 2017, 16th-17th August 2017, Copenhagen.

Graphene Week 2017, 25th-29th September 2017, Athens.


See also the list of conferences maintained by the graphene-info website and the European ‘Graphene Flagship

Related research projects

  • The EC’s large scale collaboration ‘Graphene Flagship‘ will run for 10 years from 2013 with a one billion EUR budget, and aims to coordinate much graphene R&D in Europe. The GLADIATOR project, although independent of the Graphene Flagship, is working closely with the Flagship to avoid an unnecessary duplication of effort, especially with respect to the organisation of workshops and conferences.
  • Complementary to GLADIATOR is another EC project to scale up graphene production: POLYGRAPH (Up-Scaled Production of Graphene Reinforced Thermosetting Polymers for Composite, Coating and Adhesive Applications).
  • The EC project MEM4WIN seeks to develop graphene electrodes (to replace ITO) for application in smart windows. This project requires large area, high quality graphene  – rather similar to the aims of the GLADIATOR project but with a focus on different application areas.

Other information sources

Graphene Tracker A website and blog edited by Marko Spasenovic

Graphene Info A website run by Ron Mertens (who is also responsible for OLED Info)